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For The Love Of Colour: Black

Updated: Jan 17

For the month of January I’m focusing on the design topic of kitchens and my favourite colour- BLACK. If you read last week's post- What Makes You Feel Badass (Sexy Kitchen Edition) you know I discuss why chefs are so H.O.T and to incorporate pleasure and sex into the design. Even though I’m focusing on kitchens this month that doesn't mean that black can’t be used in every room!!! If you love black then you love black.

black mood board, bdsm gear, balck elegant gown, black roses

Black is my POWER colour and makes me feel like the sexiest badass there ever was. If you agree, why not design your kitchen or entire home with black!!! Or allow me to instead- No seriously! 

As I’m writing this I’ve been listening to Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch, At Home by Jon Bryant, and Such A Simple Thing by Ray LaMontagne. And they’re just getting me right in the heart feels today. Moving to Muskoka has been a bittersweet experience as I love it here and I’m so thankful to have the choice and opportunity to move somewhere new. But to be honest living in rental homes has left me feeling very displaced and I really miss my own dark and moody design aesthetic that I left behind. I super miss my ALL black bedroom and will have it again when I find my forever home. Le Swoon!

Symbolism And Meaning Of Black

So technically black isn’t a colour and not even on the colour wheel. It’s actually a lack of colour or the absorption of all the colours. In many cultures black often represents despair, evil, and darkness. It conveys security and authority and symbolizes the struggle between good and evil, night and day, and yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy). Every colour has positive and negative associations for each person. Someone's positive views and feelings may be someone else's negative. As an example, the most used colour for tattoos is black- to one person it represents freedom of expression and art, for another it’s intimidating and threatening.

black colour psychology

Positive Associations

The preferred colour for a formal event, the black tie affair. It’s dramatic and helps create a feeling of sophistication, certainty, and seriousness. A black chef’s jacket, little black dress, black ink words printed in your favourite novels, newspaper, or magazine. An all black suit- instant lady boner! Or as Amy Farrah Fowler would say “whooooo”. That’s the good stuff ✨

Negative Associations

The complete opposite is the somber association of wearing black to a funeral and a representation of mourning. You’ve been blacklisted or labelled the black sheep of the family. The dark of night conceals bad behaviour. It isn't lost on me that this is also when sexual activity is portrayed in our society/culture- giving us the negative message that daytime isn’t “the right time of day” for such illicit activity.

Exudes Sex Appeal With A Hint Of Danger

Black is edgy- the bad boy (James Dean), the teenage rebel (I never left that phase I guess, lol), metal bands, the Batmobile and Batman, a little black book, and high heel shoes. Even the movie Grease got into it at the end when Sandy becomes dangerous and sexy in her provocative getup instead of the innocent shy girl wearing pastel colours and cardigans from the beginning of the movie.



                           - Morticia Addams


Black is well versed in the art of seduction. If you’re looking to get in touch with your risqué side, look no further. From lace lingerie to leather culture in the BDSM community, black is elegant and erotic- arousing many sensations. Setting the mood for romance this alluring shade exudes power, confidence and dominance. Does play time with your Mistress, Master, puppy or good girl come to mind? Harnesses and collars and floggers, oh my!

Maybe you've always wanted a gothic dwelling like The Addams Family Victorian mansion too but got weird looks from friends and family like I did. Needless to say I totally understand when a house has never felt like HOME. When it doesn’t feel comfortable and like you were just plunked into someone else's life. I want you to experience the other side!!! When you walk in the door and have that full body “Fuck yes, I live here!” It’s a beautiful thing that fills your heart with joy!

You're Confident In Your Sex Life. Now, Be Confident In Your Home!

Your home is a part of your foreplay and can be tailored to your lifestyle. Does the thought of having to explain your kinks and desires to a designer give you the heebie-jeebies? If only there was a designer out there that specializes in intimate interiors for badass couples that also happens to be awesome. Have no fear Jenny is here!!! Insert Wonder Woman pose 🖤 

Working with me allows you to express yourself and your relationship in new and exciting ways you’ve always wanted to or didn’t realize you could! Fill out the design inquiry to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your room remodel, renovation, or luxury new construction project! I will then be in touch to schedule a complimentary 60-minute discovery call. My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles. 

Let’s be badass together,

Jenny 💀

Principal Creative Genius & Badass Designer


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