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What Makes You Feel Badass? (Sexy Kitchen Edition)

Updated: Jan 2

For all the culinary artists, food savants, and cuisine connoisseurs out there this one's for you! Whether this is your profession or hobby you feel most like yourself and totally in your element when creating a dish. The kitchen is your domain, your zone of genius, and needs to be the BEST room in the house. Let’s dig into this deeper 🥰

sexy badass chef with a tattoo cooking a meal

A chef is an artist. They take us on a journey to remember places visited, romantic interludes, and good times shared. A daring master of their craft. The skills, emotions, and attention to detail in creating a great meal mimic great sex- an adventurous spirit, passion, timing, respect, trust, and love. 

A chef handling the finest ingredients is like watching a hand caressing skin. Sometimes it's soft and tender – just enough to stimulate the senses. Sometimes it’s aggressive, rigorous and completely in control. When you bite into something made with that kind of inspiration and intensity your whole body lights up. What they create is sheer magic! 


The Feeling of Home

Ok so let’s talk about your kitchen and how it contributes to the romance in your home. We’ve all seen the movies or read the books where someone is pushed up against the counter or hoisted up onto the island to be devoured. Sometimes you just can’t wait! Wouldn't it be nice if the kitchen was also an erotic environment to enhance your pleasure and to connect with your partner(s). There is nothing sexier than a clunky hood fan that prevents you from carrying on a conversation. Am I right?! Lol, obviously that was sarcasm. So what is the alternative?

A day in the life of YOU! Do you cook at the end of your workday to help you relax or only on the weekends when you can engage in a little bit of unrestrained behavior with your favourite weirdo on date night-in? Do you have peace of mind that your private chef (let’s call him Carter) has everything he needs to surprise and delight you with an amazing meal when you’re not able to? A well designed functional kitchen means everything because a really pretty kitchen that doesn’t support your lifestyle is useless. Let’s avoid that fiasco.

Your Kitchen Must-Haves

Give some thought to how we’re going to design a culinary haven that you may not even make it past the main course because you or your partner become the dessert 😉 Options are only limited by your imagination, or in this case mine!

  • Quiet appliances that don’t interfere with conversations

  • Multiple dishwashers

  • Top professional appliances with ALL the bells and whistles  

  • Listen to music or a podcast

  • Watch tv or recipe videos while cooking

  • Wine storage and display

  • Second kitchen/scullery/dirty kitchen for catering or Carter

  • Butlers pantry/hidden pantry

  • Sink placement/multiple sinks/sink style

  • Breakfast nook

  • Indoor/outdoor wall to wall doors to the outdoor kitchen

  • Proper knife storage

  • Comfortable seating where your lover can stay a while

Research, Research, Research

Understanding your needs and lifestyle is imperative for me to design your dream kitchen while keeping romance in mind! What questions am I asking?

  • Why are chefs so sexy?

  • Do you prep or cook together?

  • Will you entertain? If so, how often and how many guests?

  • Where will you dine? Island, dining room, or living room coffee table

  • Where are these rooms in comparison to the kitchen?

  • What does luxury mean to you?

  • How will you move through the room?

  • How large does the kitchen need to be for all prep, cooking, and entertaining?

  • How will the space appeal to your senses?

  • Where and how will I create storage and display for a wine collection?

  • How tall are you? 

  • Do you want the lightbulbs to be visible or hidden? 

  • View of site (might not want island pendants)?

  • Angled/Cathedral ceiling?

  • Are you right or left handed?

  • Do you have sensitivities or requirements?

  • How will I incorporate your sex life into the kitchen design?

Appealing To Your Senses

Food is a love language- engaging all 5 senses, building connection and expressing love.

Design changes your mood through light, colour, texture, scent, and sound. Designing for the senses takes into account how your environment can be planned with intention to evoke a visceral reaction. 


Lighting that flatters – Colours that captivate – Textures that envelop 

Scents that entice – Sounds that stimulate



  • The dark and moody fixtures and finishes

  • Lights on appliances and reflections on surfaces

  • The sexiness that is you while cooking 


  • The brush of your partners hand 

  • Cabinet door hardware that fit your hands 

  • What does the flooring feel like on your feet? Do you wear shoes, slippers, or bare feet?


  • Fresh ingredients

  • Your morning coffee beckoning you

  • Your arousal pheromones are an aphrodisiac


  • Chopping on wood cutting board

  • Sizzling from your indoor grill

  • The seductive moans you make tasting as you go

Considerations To Ponder

How will your routines affect the design during the week vs the weekend? Getting ready for work you prepare your freshly roasted coffee after your morning workout and savour it while reading the latest Forbes or Architectural Digest in the breakfast nook. At the same time Carter is making your breakfast and lunch to take with you unless you have a business lunch with a potential client that day. Getting home from work, have you already eaten, will you cook to relax, or has Carter prepared a meal for you to reheat leaving you with no cooking time or cleanup?   

The weekend is your time to shine in the kitchen! You leave work behind on the weekends to spend one-on-one quality time with your sweetie pie. With no staff during these two days you have the house all to yourselves 😈 Even though your staff is discreet there is something special about truly being alone.

Will we design a kitchen that is open to the main area or behind doors? Are you often getting ready to entertain guests? Do you need an island or table? Or maybe a double island, one for seating and one for prep? 

Are you tall and dislike reaching into lower cabinets and ovens? Are you short like me and can only reach the lowest shelf in the upper cabinetry? Bending your partner(s) over the island can they touch the floor or do they need a step stool?

What will you see through the windows? Are you standing at the sink looking out into nature or the city skyline? Do you have the option to move an existing window during renovation?

Are you going to remain living in your home during a renovation amongst the chaos? 

How much cleaning/maintenance do you want either for yourselves or your staff?

Do you have a uniform or outfit that you wear while cooking? After work are you heading to your walk-in closet first to change? A changing room just off the kitchen is a great idea so you aren’t having to travel all the way to your bedroom.

Are you cooking alone with your partner(s) eagerly waiting in the next room, are they on their way home from the office, do you cook together or are you being watched? Cooking for your sweetheart is such a turn on! Do you get a little kinky in the kitchen? Are you getting flirtatious come-hither looks from your Mistress? The pot of boiling water isn’t the only steamy thing in the room.

You're Confident In Your Sex Life. Now, Be Confident In Your Home!

Your home is a part of your foreplay and can be tailored to your lifestyle. Does the thought of having to explain your kinks and desires to a designer give you the heebie-jeebies? If only there was a designer out there that specializes in intimate interiors for badass couples that also happens to be awesome. Have no fear Jenny is here!!! Insert Wonder Woman pose 🖤 

Working with me allows you to express yourself and your relationship in new and exciting ways you’ve always wanted to or didn’t realize you could! Fill out the design inquiry to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your room remodel, renovation, or luxury new construction project! I will then be in touch to schedule a complimentary 60-minute discovery call. My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles. 

Let’s be badass together,

Jenny 💀

Principal Creative Genius & Badass Designer


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