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The creative genius behind White Wave Design,

a boutique interior decorating company specializing in sensual design for professional couples.

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white wave design

elcome to WWD! You may have an idea of how you envision your home, furnishings, art, fabrics, or colours. Or you may have no fucking clue and are crouched over crying into your hands in desperate need of a (decorating) fairy godmother. Luckily you found me! However the universe conspired to connect us I'm so happy you're here.

I know you don't want cookie-cutter and you don't want what everyone else has. Why? Because you aren't like everyone else AND you definitely aren't cookie-cutter. 


You want to connect with your favourite weirdo in a home that inspires lust. You've done your research on Interior Decorating For Couples but felt defeated when the majority of results came up as bedroom ideas. While the Primary Suite is the most important, pleasure is for every room! 

Picture this...


A living room that goes from snuggling on a luxurious velvet sofa dressed to the nines for your weekly date night watching old black and white movies and a little hanky panky to entertaining guests celebrating your love bugs surprise 40th birthday party (that you meticulously planned). 

The sensual atmosphere of a candle-lit dining room, relaxing into the high-back arm chairs, while he feeds you the decadent dessert he so lovingly prepared, your vintage Waterford glasses filled with your favourite wine as soft soulful music is playing in the background.

A home office so hot it should come with a warning label:

This room may cause a sudden desire to sweep the surface of your desk area clean.

Walls of intricate navy millwork, jewel-toned art framed in gold, dark hardwood floors, and the smell of books that line the walls. It may be a struggle to get any work done!

An adult playroom that tickles your fancy and fulfills your fantasy. The room is designed to your specifications for use and display of bondage gear, dungeon equipment and erotic furniture (not crafted by me- I've got connections). A separate area for aftercare may also be on your must-have list.


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Jenny Grimminck, interior decorator, black and red room design, vanilla/kink/bdsm designs

I will get to know you well and become acquainted with very personal elements of your life, such as: do you love to shower or soak in the tub together, does your submissive greet you at the door when you arrive home, will you entertain guests or are you antisocial hermits?



orking with me is NOT for the faint of heart! I will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone (which I secretly enjoy) sshhh!

white wave design


The answer to this questions is...YES I AM! 

With full schedules you know you need the help of an interior decorator because coming home to a space that is uninviting and cold leaves a lot to be desired. But you're afraid they won't get you individually or as a couple. You're confident in your sex life and what gives you pleasure but to discuss this openly with someone who is a stranger is a SCARY thing! But the results are totally worth it. 

So let's be badass together!

Lots of Love,

Jenny Grimminck, interior decorator, signature
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