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My purpose is to create intimate interiors designed with pleasure in mind that are a unique expression of you as a couple.

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I am your visual storyteller, secret keeper, and dream weaver.


As an inclusive decorator I strive to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable and open to discuss sexual pleasure in the comfort and beauty of home. Being nervous is a natural reaction but don't fret you are in excellent hands- mine! I love watching couples as they go from shy and awkward to confident and empowered 🖤



Whether this room is a mini getaway for yourself, a space to unwind and reconnect with your partner, or the place to be for friends and family to gather let's make it as classy and sexy as you are!!! A complete room redesign specifying custom furnishings, art/accessories, flooring, window treatments, lighting, and colour combinations...maybe even Boudoir Couple Photography as the cherry on top. Not taken by me- I've got a gal.

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Maybe the space has never felt like home or reflected your personal style. For example if the builders beige walls that are literally the colour of liquid foundation and kitchen finishes from the 80's don't get you all warm and tingly there is room for improvement! Renovating the interior to upgrade the function will also increase the enjoyment of your home. For those of you that can handle the disruption of your day to day life or live elsewhere during the chaos a reno is a great option if you love the location!!! 


You have hopes, dreams, and desires for your home. You've spent time with your architect getting the layout exactly how you pictured it and don't want to sacrifice the look and feel of your interior by "just picking something". If only there was a decorator out there that specializes in erotic spaces that also happens to be awesome (winky face). Working with me allows you to express yourself and your relationship in new and exciting ways you have always wanted to or didn’t know you could!


A home that's one-of-a-kind and brilliantly tailored for you.      

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Concept, Design, Source and Specify


Architectural Plan Review  |  Design Concepts  |  Space Plans & Elevations  |  Kitchen & Bathroom Selections  |  Plumbing Fixtures  | Flooring & Wall Fashions  |  Lighting  |  Trim & Door  |  Hardware  |  Paint Colours & Finishes  |  Textiles  |  Furnishings  |  Art & Accessories  |  Window Treatments  |  Project Budgeting  |  Consultations with Architects, Builders, Contractors, Trades  |  

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There's a method to my madness!

Holistic Approach: You are a whole person with hopes and dreams that wants to be seen, heard, and understood. While taking into consideration your overall wellbeing- body, mind, and soul.

Sensual Design: Lighting that flatters, colours that captivate, textures that envelop, scents that entice, and sounds that soothe. 

Psychology of Colour:  How colours affect moods and feelings. To evoke a positive visceral reaction to your environment. All colours have a positive and negative association for each person.