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My purpose is to craft luxury interiors featuring exceptional detailing with a sophisticated and sexy edge that are a unique expression of your love story.

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I am your visual storyteller, secret keeper, and dream weaver.


Has a home designed for sensuality been in your heart for a while? If just the thought of having to explain to a designer your kinks and desires gives you the heebie-jeebies have no fear Jenny is here. Insert Wonder Woman pose! I’ll be your trusted advisor and guide through this weird and wonderful journey.

To be the steward of your dreams and investment. 


Intimate interiors focus on your senses to enhance your sex life. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, our surroundings affect our mood and overall wellness. I create a magical world for you that doesn’t yet exist. Collaborating with the architect, build team, consultants, and artisans we are able to bring to life an original work of art that transcends mainstream design and honours your relationship.

As an inclusive designer I strive to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable with me. We’ll deep dive into your desires for a design based on how you enjoy spending time together in the comfort and beauty of home. Being nervous is a natural reaction but don't fret you are in excellent hands- mine!

Also consider if you would enjoy a private reveal, reveal party, or both!!!



                                                                                                  - Jenny 💀                                      

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All areas of your home are fair game to indulge in debauchery!!! Maybe you're recently engaged and moving in together or you've been together for decades. Are you working with a real estate agent to find your forever home, vacation property, or fifth residence? Have you lived in the house for a while but it’s always felt uncomfortable and doesn't reflect your style?

You know you need the help of a badass designer so this is the one place in the whole world where you feel the most comfortable to be yourselves! The renovation plans and every furnishing detail from the beautiful and functional sex furniture that intensifies your lovemaking to the sofa length and depth perfect for cuddling (everyone fits and no one falls off) are given thoughtful consideration. If you can live elsewhere during the chaos a reno is a great option if you love the location.




After days, weeks, or months away from home missing your love muffin(s) it would feel so good to come home to an environment that is an intimate expression of your love, an erotic space so distinctive and adventurous. Like a finely tailored hand-crafted bespoke suit that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Starting from scratch the architect, build team, and I create the architectural plans pre-construction taking care of all the details so you can continue to run your empire! Taking into consideration ceiling heights, architectural detailing, and hard point reinforcements. Deciding on insulation and soundproofing options. Specifying fun tech like smart glass, hardwired window treatments, and smart shower systems. All these decisions and more are made before construction starts. We don’t leave anything to chance!!!

Your project is held in highest regard and I ask that you surrender your home to my care and keeping as it deserves the expertise and focus on the highly personalized details you desire.

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Lifestyle Questionnaire | Research | Collaborate with Architects, Builders, Contractors & Trades | Design Concepts & Development | Interior Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings | Complete Furniture Plans | Custom Fixture & Furniture Design | Virtual Tour &

3D Visualizations | Tile Patterns & Layouts | Millwork & Cabinetry Drawings


Finish Specifications | Lighting | Upholstery | Hardware | Area Rugs | Wall Coverings Window Treatments | Artwork & Accessories | Plumbing Fixtures | Appliance Selection Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures | Tile, Stone, Quartz, Glass, Mirror & Metal Work |

Trim, Moulding & Plaster Details | Paint Colour & Finishes | Estimates & Quoting  


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