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The Beauty of BDSM: Photo Shoot Collaboration - Part I [Enchanted Forest]

Updated: May 4, 2023

Dominant/submissive couple, boudoir photography. Serving Toronto, Muskoka, Huntsville, Montreal, Ontario, Canada

Hello Wonderful Weirdos, and Happy New Year!

You may be wondering how an interior decorator and a boudoir photographer met...and no we didn't walk into a bar. It all started with an idea- the badass couples I serve would appreciate having boudoir or erotica photos of themselves in the rooms I design. You know my penchant for research so off I went looking for someone I could connect with and their art. Low and behold this amazing human and her work popped onto my screen like a gift from the universe and I knew I had found my person!

I couldn't stop thinking about her work so with shaking hands I made a phone call to this talented photographer. I very awkwardly told her my ideas and asked if she would like to meet. And as they say the rest is history and we are now friends! This fellow badass I'm talking about is Aroha from The Boudoir Lounge/Wildside Unleashed. She had this awesome idea to combine my design specialty and her photographic eye and our shared love of the "weird and wonderful" to create magic.

And I think we did just that! I'm so thrilled to share with you Part I of II (coming in February) of The Beauty of BDSM. It's overwhelming to think back on the emotions and gratitude that I have for everyone involved as this was a big part of my own journey away from mainstream design and into intimate interiors. An honour to design, style and be present during the photo shoot- a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Starting With The Mood Board

All my designs start with a mood board and a fun name! It helps me to communicate visually to others my ideas and in this case to set the tone for the photo shoot. I was starting with an existing studio space that had beautiful furnishings and accessories that I could pull from and added a few details of my own. Knowing we were shooting a D/s couple I included images to represent pleasure and play. It is a VERY different mindset when creating a set vs. a room in a home. It was fun to see the space come together with Aroha's guidance and through her lens.

[Enchanted Forest] Design Vision

A mysterious woodland in an unknown realm where anything can happen. A secret place where it's just the two of you suspended in time free to explore and transform. An adventure of danger and intrigue where the normal rules no longer apply and magic prevails. Seduced by a wild man.

Interior Decorating, Mood Board, BDSM lifestyle


The Beauty Of BDSM- The Paddle

These super cool humans graciously agreed with enthusiasm to pose for us. Important Note: At the time they had just started seeing each other in November 2021! There is so much trust and vulnerability involved with a BDSM relationship as well as the services that Aroha and I offer clients. It was very important that they felt comfortable in the space but as well as with us. His care and concern for her wellbeing and safety was beautiful to watch. I'm happy to report that they are now in love and I'm thinking I played a part in their love story!!! You're welcome J&L 🖤

Creating this bedroom set I wanted to include golds, greens, purples and lots of sparkle. Many of the elements Aroha already had in the room including the purple walls, bed and gold mirror frame- like it was meant to be. Incorporating fresh greens on the fireplace mantel and hanging from the ceiling brought the outdoors in and smelt great too helping to create the forest feel! Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of us hanging it as it wasn't as elegant as these two!!! Candles and fairy lights cast a romantic glow to keep the room feeling intimate with soft fabrics to complete the look. And you can't forget the bench to lay across his lap for a good spanking session by hand or paddle!!!


The Beauty Of BDSM- The Flogger

Culturally we don't talk about sex let alone creating the atmosphere of a sacred space for sexual pleasure and play. But we do now! Our environment plays a major role in how we feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. From a sensual design standpoint I take this into account when sourcing fabrics, furnishings, lighting and colours to create the desired ambiance. Keeping in mind the temperature of the room as well.

It's very important for me to know how the space will be used and a flogging is a perfect example of this. Is there enough room, will the submissive be comfortable where her Dom positions her? Will they listen to music or do they enjoy silence being able to hear their breathing and groans of pleasure and pain? Power exchange, rules and rituals are also taken into consideration.

She was so excited to pose with the green chair, lol. Which was also my favourite piece of furniture so I wholeheartedly share in her excitement.


The Beauty Of BDSM- Collared & Bound

Their connection and lust was very evident and H.O.T.

He was excited to bring his black duffle bag of goodies! Not being able to choose what bondage gear to bring and which to leave at home, he decided to bring it all which he beautifully and meticulously displayed for their viewing pleasure. This allowed him the freedom to make selections in the moment.

To watch them retreat into themselves and our presence fade into the background during the rope play and collaring was a thing of magnificence. I could feel the air charging- raising the hair on my arms and sending tingles down my spine.


You're Confident In Your Sex Life, Now Be Confident In Your Home!

I'm sure you've gathered that designing spaces with pleasure in mind is about more than pretty pillows and goes way beyond surface level conversations. I will get to know you well and become acquainted with very personal elements of your life, such as: do you love to shower or soak in the tub together, does your submissive greet you at the door when you arrive home, will you entertain guests or are you antisocial hermits?

If you desire a sensual space that exudes luxurious comfort, deep connection, and seduction contact me to schedule a discovery call to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your room redesign, renovation project or new construction home. For couples boudoir or erotica photography of you and your love muffin you can find Aroha at The Boudoir Lounge.

Stay tuned for Part II [Smoke & Mirrors] in February!

*They were given photos that are more erotic but aren't able to be showcased here*

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator


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