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For The Sexually Adventurous Couple, Should You Hire A Decorator?

Updated: May 4, 2023



There’s a reason you typed “should I hire an interior decorator” into the search bar. You may have gone through a renovation or new construction process in the past and don’t want the headache this time around or you weren’t happy with the final result. You may have an idea of how you envision your home, furnishings, art, fabrics, or colours. Or you have no fucking clue and are crouched over crying into your hands in desperate need of a (decorating) fairy godmother!


  • Waking up in the middle of the night from recurring nightmares of all the decisions and options weighing you down

  • Struggling to find the time in your calendar without having to bump something else like the precious time you spend with your love muffin or your martial arts class that helps you to decompress from your position as CEO

  • You really want this project to move forward, to have your home be your sanctuary but ironically even the thought of everything that will be on the to-do list is stressful AF

  • If you have to look at one more inspiration photo or listen to another tip of “helpful” advice from your friends and family you are going to LOSE IT!!!

If you can relate to any of these signs there’s a good chance you need to call in a professional. Below I have compiled a list of pros and cons for my fellow Type A’s- you know you were going to make one anyways. If you are planning to renovate or build a new home and are struggling to decide if you should hire a decorator for your romantic interior project, keep reading!

Pros and cons of hiring an interior decorator.Serving Toronto, Muskoka, Huntsville, Montreal, Ontario, Canada. Vanilla, kink, and bdsm lifestyles. Interior Design, intimate interiors, sex room



We all need more of this in our lives!!!! Having a plan equals more sleep. What do you mean I’ll get more sleep? There are so many decisions that go into a decorating project. What type of lighting do you need in the room? Are the electrical outlets in the right spot to work with the furniture layout? Is this beautiful flooring rated for in-floor heat? Just a few examples…you get what I mean. I take care of these and many more details so you don’t have to! Leaving you to go about your life and run your empire!


Could you honestly be any more confused???? There are way too many ideas floating around in your head that don’t coordinate with each other- whatsoever. Or you and your sweetheart can’t seem to agree on anything. So now what? It’s not always glamorous but function comes before fashion- your home impacts your day to day life. How you prepare a meal, where you get ready for the day, cleaning, laundry, bedtime routine etc. Lack of function is what causes disorganization, chaos, stress, anxiety, and overall takes away from your quality of life. Once we have established how the space will be used then I plan the luxury and seduction using your ideas and incorporating my design genius, taking a holistic approach, sensual design principles and colour psychology. Colour is my favourite topic!


You love the small details and you appreciate that trait in others. Decorating is way more than picking out pretty pillows and the perfect area rug unlike the tv shows lead you to believe otherwise. Who else is going to care as much as interior decorators do about if the square arm nailhead detail on the sofa coordinates with the wall sconce above. If all the lightbulbs are the same temperature (one isn’t yellow and one isn’t blue), where the four poster king bed is going to be placed when the windows beside are too close together (something we catch during the house planning stage)- there’s a method to my madness!


You have reasons for renovating your existing space or going through the process of building a new home. Maybe you are moving in together, needing better flow in the common spaces, downsizing, upsizing, designing your dream vacation home, relocation, to reignite intimacy, you moved in 10 years ago and it’s never felt like home. All of these examples change your life for better or worse by the home that surrounds you. The niche I specialize in allows you to express yourself and your relationship in new and exciting ways you have always wanted to or didn’t know you could. To have a home that you feel so comfortable in makes everything else easier to handle!


My personal favourite!!! Working with me is NOT for the faint of heart! I will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone (which I secretly enjoy)! I know you don't want cookie-cutter and you don't want what everyone else has. Why? Because you aren't like everyone else AND you definitely aren't cookie-cutter. Whether the room is a mini getaway for yourself, a space to unwind and reconnect with your partner, or the place to be for friends and family to gather, let's make it as sexy and fun as you are!!! A complete room design with all the bells and whistles...maybe even Boudoir Couple Photography as the cherry on top. Not taken by me- I've got a gal.


Most people would say WOW factor but thankfully I’m not most people ;) Hiring a decorator means you get a space that rocks your socks off and takes the design to a whole new level you didn’t even know existed. Unique pieces (which may include dungeon furniture), statement lighting, surprising colours, or an unexpected mix of textures and patterns. A room that you haven’t seen before because it hasn’t been created yet! No two couples are the same so why would each home look the same? Jedi mind tricks or a magic wand…maybe!!! I‘ll never reveal my secrets.



You make monetary decisions everyday, from the purchase of your morning coffee, where you’ll order supper from, to the elegant gown for your charity event. All of these decisions are based around solving a problem- needing to wake up so your colleagues won’t run the other way when you step into the office, it’s been a long week and a meal that you don’t have to cook is what you need right now, you are expected to deliver the motivational speech about the goals and achievements of the charitable organization that will give donors the confidence to donate- and this dress gives you the confidence to open their hearts and wallets! Hiring a design professional solves your problem of needing help to make the most kickass space that brings you joy and pleasure in the comfort and beauty of home. Contrary to popular belief interior decorators do indeed work with a budget and our services are a part of that budget.


This is often the biggest hurdle for the professional couples I work with as they are driven individuals who are in charge of their career/company, life, calendar, household etc. Then I come in and change everything. To give control over to someone else is a SCARY thing! Just like your monthly Brazilian Wax, Ouch!! But the results are totally worth it. This is the fork in the road where you either struggle to do it yourself or allow the professional to handle the details for you! If you are able to surrender and allow an interior decorator to do their best work you will get much better results and relieve yourself of spending your precious time on a project you hired someone to complete.


A lot goes into meeting someone new and over time getting to know them and eventually becoming friends. But what happens when you have to speed up that process, only you don’t get to know much about the other person and they know way too much about you? I’ll admit it’s a really odd dynamic. Through this process I will get to know you well and become acquainted with very personal elements of your life, such as: Do you love to shower or soak in the tub together? Sleep in the same bedroom or separately? Does your submissive greet you at the door when you arrive home? Will you entertain guests or are you antisocial hermits? Is there an adult playroom behind a hidden door? (Hidden doors are the best!) My goal is for you to feel comfortable and safe to share your hopes, dreams and desires with me.


Whatever floats your boat is what I will create- maybe you want a pirate theme, Ahoy Matey! I know it’s hard to tell someone how you will use the space and to discuss topics of sex and/or fetishes as our culture promotes sexuality in movies, magazines, social media etc. but we aren’t supposed to talk about it. Figure that one out! I may or may not share your fantasy of seafaring buccaneers but my passion and why I do what I do is to design an amazing space that you will love to love in. #couplesathome


Your hands may be damp and shaking, the butterflies in your stomach are going CrAzY, your mouth is suddenly dry, and your heart is racing!!! Worrying about what might happen is a normal response when considering working with someone new or embarking on any creative project. Being nervous is a totally natural reaction and it’s my job to put you at ease. Not to worry, you are in EXCELLENT hands- mine! Throughout the decorating process I will guide, support and advise you in developing a plan for a romantic space!


The uncertainty and emotional risk of being open and willing to share your wants, needs, and desires with others often brings feelings of anxiety. The fear of rejection, shame, or judgment when being vulnerable is common. We all want to feel seen, heard, and be understood. To receive external validation from friends, family, or co-workers. Love from your significant other. The satisfaction that comes from completing something. The feeling that you belong. The right interior decorator will hold space for you to open up and be yourself. To listen without judgment and criticism.

Anything I missed? You may have related to a few points or had ones on your list that I didn’t, but hopefully this gave you something to consider and helped to further your decision one way or the other.

Decorating your home is a very intimate process, making who you work with even more important! If you feel that the Pros outweigh the Cons, pop me an email and we can schedule a discovery call to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your project. My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles.

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator


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