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What I'm Grateful For: June Edition

Camp Maven is what I'm grateful for.

Dream Turned Goal Achieved

Setting out to achieve a goal is a scary thing, because you don't know if it will work. You create something and put it out into the world not knowing how it will be received.

I was able to talk to 15 amazing women about the Psychology of Color and Wellness Design. It was scary and exciting to create the talk and to get back into research. I find it's rare that we take the time to do something we enjoy until we have to.

I knew I was invited to stay for lunch and to attend panels on subjects regarding our ego and our periods, both of which were so enlightening and powerful. I had fully planned on going home after the talks, but was invited to stay for the sunset ceremony by one of the panelists. I'm an introvert so I just wanted to go home relax and wind down from a busy week of prep and the mental and emotional toll it takes for me to present in front of a group. I thought to myself "You cannot be in this amazing place surrounded by nature with these amazing women and say no to this gift!

Should I Stay or Should I Go

So I decided to stay, a little too late I must confess. I didn't get home until midnight which depending on your bedtime may not be a big deal to you, but for me, my bedtime is 8:30. I am so grateful that I chose to stay though. The women I met and the interesting conversations still have me reflecting weeks later. How often do we get the chance to be in such an uplifting environment, I say not often enough. Every women attending Camp Maven had a different story of what brought her to camp. But they all came with the hope they would find themselves and what they thought they had lost along the way- who they are meant to be!

Letting Go

"Let go of who you think you're supposed to be; embrace who you are." - Brené Brown

For the sunset ceremony we were all given a small piece of paper to write down things, people, or situations that we were ready to let go of. As a group we walked down to the beach with all the beautiful colours of a Huron County sunset before us. We put that piece of paper into the fire and watched it burn to signify that we were ready to let it go. I can't tell you how powerful it was to watch it turn into smoke in the evening air signalling it's departure from my life.

Get Inspired

I'm grateful for so many things! To have the opportunity to speak to the women who attended my presentations, for Ruth to think enough of me and my message, for her to include me in her women's retreat, and to be invited to stay for the evening. I knew I would have regretted going home and have been so fired up about this for the last three weeks it's an experience I won't soon forget.

Ask yourself: What are you grateful for as we head into a new month?

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