• Jenny Grimminck

What I'm Grateful For: August Edition

Reflecting on this last month of summer!

Before we know it the warm weather will be over...and fall will begin.

I am grateful for Change and New Beginnings...

- A new season (fall is my favourite)

The crisp air, the colour change of falling leaves, and I may still jump into a big pile of raked leaves!

- Sarah is off to Queens University

We are so proud and excited for Sarah as she starts out on a new journey of education and discovery!

- Melissa is starting her 6 month Social Work contract

We are so proud and excited for Melissa as she uses the skills and education she has been working so hard for these past 5 years accomplishing her Masters in Social Work!

We celebrated this change with a visit to see Misty (and Nate too) at Harvest Moon Farm!

Change can be scary as we enter into the unknown of life and business!

I loved catching up with the girls, hearing their hopes and dreams for their future and sharing my own. As we move through life it's easy to forget to sit back and reflect on where we are and where we are headed. Sometimes we are out in left field not knowing how we got there and need to course correct.

Then off to London for a movie (and popcorn of course), ending the evening with supper!

What are you GRATEFUL for this August?

Lots of Love


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