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Stone Dream [Gentleman's Lounge] Space Plan

I’m thinking these lines are lookin’ pretty sexy ;) Oh and those curves!

If you read the last two posts then you know this portfolio design was inspired by a whiskey bar/cigar lounge with a gay throuple in mind. An intimate space in their stone house for them to indulge in pleasure and play 🖤

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To create the space plan I take into consideration how the space will be used by the throuple. Every detail, material, finish, lighting and all furnishings are selected based on the space plan…so it’s kinda important ;)

Because no client, love story or desires are the same there is research involved with every project

I'm not a cigar aficionado or drinker of fine liquor so off I went to travel the yellow brick road of discovery. To a magical land I knew nothing about. The pretty part is easy…any room can be decorated pretty. To have a room or home that's one-of-a-kind and lovingly crafted for you, there’s so much more involved. These are just a few of the questions I asked myself before starting my research:

  • How will Anders, Brock, and Carter move through the room?

  • The L-shaped room is large. How will I create zones for the space to feel intimate?

  • Where will Anders wax play supplies and bondage equipment be stored?

  • Where will Brock store and display his acoustic guitars?

  • How will the space appeal to their scenes?

  • Where and how will the cigars be stored and enjoyed?

  • Where will food and drinks be prepared, placed, shared and consumed?

  • How does the room not get too smoky?

  • Will they have a bartender serving drinks or caterers preparing food?

  • How will the signed first editions be on display but kept safe?

  • How will they listen to Brock’s music and where will the sound equipment be stored?

  • Is the furniture strong enough for bondage play and easy to clean?

  • How tall are they?

  • Using the renovation plans Anders drew does my space plan give them a sense of nostalgia where they met at the hotel grand opening?

  • As layered and low lighting will be integral to this space where should they be placed and how many sources should I include?

Research, Research and More Research

There are many blogs, websites, and specialty companies dedicated to this type of environment. Advice, topics, and discussions from venting the room to the specialty appliances required were among the many amazing resources I received for this design to be successful in meeting their wants, needs, and desires. This part of the design process can take two weeks or longer depending on how large the project is- a very important step that isn't to be taken lightly!

How I Incorporated Their Must-Haves For An Erotic Space

Carter’s must-have was an area to feed Anders and Brock by his hand- I didn't include a kitchen in the space plan because the visual would trigger Carter into a work headspace instead of allowing him to be in the moment and be present in sharing the food with Anders and Brock. It’s just as important as what goes into a room as what doesn’t. The meals or snacks will be prepared just outside the room in the main kitchen and brought into the Gentleman’s Lounge in beautiful serving trays and dishes.

They listen to Brock's music during a scene so a kickass sound system was a must. Since the system is large a closet was included outside the room to house the electronic components keeping all the wires and flashing lights out of eyesight. His acoustic guitars were given a place of honour beside the fireplace set inside the custom millwork. It's a big turn on for Anders and Carter to watch him play and sing, so it was important to keep the guitars close by. Boys love musicians!

Anders' request was a space for bondage and wax play which can be all three zones but I did include a custom coffee table with hidden restraints and cabinetry that includes locks to store bondage gear and candles from the amazingly talented Robert from Master R’s Dungeon Equipment. When tying a well muscled man to a coffee table it needs to be sturdy!!!

Custom bookcases with glass doors around the fireplace display their collection of beloved signed first editions with a humidor to the right for cigar storage. And fireplaces are super romantic so of course I had to include one!!!

And that bar…OMG! Enjoying a drink while meeting eyes with a hot guy across the room, yes please!!! I don’t even drink or like bars but I would totally enjoy this one. Then moving over for a more intimate discussion in one of the seating areas is what sexy dreams are made of.

For these cigar enthusiasts it was also a concern that smoke doesn't escape into other areas of the home from the new addition. An advanced ventilation solution consisting of a commercial HEPA air purifier and ERV unit will be installed to properly vent the room. There are no heating vents in this space for the smoke to travel to other rooms as the concrete floor will have in-floor heat. The interior entrance doors are specified to be exterior doors installed and sealed as such.

Even though the stone house is on a large property with a gate and security I still considered privacy as sometimes it is more for our comfort level then the chances of anyone actually looking in. For window treatments blinds or curtains are the usual go to...but of course since I'm involved it isn't that easy, lol. To reduce fabrics, having to clean blinds, and keeping the beautiful scenery and windows visible I went CrAzY and selected smart glass windows. With the touch of a button the glass goes from transparent to opaque. WHAT??? I know right, how cool!

***I would never share client names or details, this is an example of my process***

It's All In The Details

This space is a great example of why you would hire WWD before finalizing any architectural or renovation plans. To be able to include the ERV unit/HEPA air purifier, in-floor heat, and smart glass window technology these all need to be decided on before final sign-off. It's all in the details is a saying often associated with the interior design industry and it's very true. These options are not something the clients would have thought of but will totally change the whole design and function of the space! This is why you hire a professional ;)

The next post will continue the Stone Dream journey featuring the Design Concept!

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator

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