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Stone Dream [Gentleman's Lounge] Mood Board

The Importance of A Mood Board for Decorators & Couples

When clients hire an interior decorator there is a deeper meaning than the room looking pretty. In this case: Nostalgia

They want this room as a reminder of where they met, became friends and eventually lovers 🖤

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Rich cognac, warm wood tones, deep navy, and gold metallic finishes create the romantic atmosphere of the Gentleman's Lounge. While also including elements to illustrate their kinks and desires that fulfill their fantasies.

Is this how you thought the mood board would look?

A luxury hotel grand opening is where it all began for this throuple

Carter was the Michelin Star chef, Brock’s blues band was playing and Anders was the architect on the project. With the after party moving into the hotel bar they were the last ones to leave. All three enjoyed their conversation over drinks and feeling an instant connection. (Check out my previous post for more details).

After the initial client meeting I create the mood board as a visual representation of the thoughts and ideas that sparked during our conversation and from the client questionnaire (filled out and sent to me prior to the initial meeting). An instant way for me to know if I understood what my clients desire for their erotic space when they see it.

Textures, colours and images that convey the romantic feelings and their love story in visual form. The visceral reaction clients have when looking at the mood board- does it give them excited tingles or body shivers? Be aware of your thoughts as our minds can talk us out of something so quick we don't even realize it happened. If you're like “Fuck Yes” that is so beautiful and then negative thoughts sneak in, don't talk yourself out of what you want!

And you thought it was “just” a mood board with pretty pictures

The uncertainty and emotional risk of being open and willing to share your wants, needs, and desires with others often brings feelings of anxiety. The fear of rejection, shame, or judgment when being vulnerable is common. We all want to feel seen, heard, and to be understood.

I know you don't want cookie-cutter and you don't want what everyone else has. Why? Because you aren't like everyone else AND you definitely aren't cookie-cutter. I am the badass interior decorator that tells you it’s okay to be afraid and to rock on with your bad self! Plus I don’t even bake and therefore don’t own any cookie cutters 💀

Up next is the space plan for this cigar lounge/whiskey bar inspired room!!!

***I would never share client names or details, this is an example of my process***

As an inclusive decorator I believe that pleasure is for every room and everyone

I am your visual storyteller, secret keeper, and dream weaver. I strive to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable and open to discuss sexual pleasure in the comfort and beauty of home. Being nervous is a natural reaction but don't fret you are in excellent hands- mine!

Are you thinking it may be time to spice up your love nest? Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call to get to know each other a bit more. To gain a better understanding of your hopes, dreams, and desires for an intimate interior. My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles, is WWD the right fit for your project? Let’s have a chat and find out!!!

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator

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