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Stone Dream [Gentleman's Lounge] Design Concept

Welcome Wonderful Weirdos!

With their full schedules and desire for a sacred space to kick back, relax, and make love in luxurious comfort Anders, Brock, and Carter knew they needed the help of a professional, but were afraid a decorator wouldn’t "get them" individually or as a throuple. To give control over to someone else and feel vulnerable is a SCARY thing!

BDSM lifestyle, whiskey bar, cigar lounge, interior design concept, intimate interiors for professional couples, white wave design

From a friend's recommendation, checking out my website, our 30-minute discovery call, client questionnaire, and initial client meeting, to sending the mood board trust is built. The design concept is another way I can ensure I have understood their wants, needs, and desires for a whiskey bar/cigar lounge BDSM playroom.

Telling Their Love Story In Visual Form

Now that the space plan is complete comes the extra fun stuff…sourcing the materials, furnishings and finishes. They have shared with me very personal elements of their lives. It’s an honour that I’m so thankful for and there are no words to describe how fucking awesome that is! What I do and create for them will last much longer than the time I spend with them. Knowing they will share their lives, joy and pleasure in the erotic space I create for them makes my heart happy!

Their Reason for Wanting This Space Becomes My Why

To me it’s not just a room with some furniture and light fixtures that looks good. It’s where they get to be themselves with the ones they love. It’s where they feel like they can breathe, to fully be in the moment and present. It’s the sofas they will sink into and cuddle after traveling and being apart from each other for weeks. It’s the chairs and area rug where Carter will kneel at their feet to feed them by his hand looking into their eyes with love and gratitude. It’s where Brock comfortably sits on the edge of the bar stool holding his acoustic guitar performing a sold-out show for his biggest fans while they sip a fine whiskey and smoke a cigar getting so turned on. It’s the low lighting that casts mystery and intrigue highlighting and shadowing Anders wearing a navy vest, suit pants, and white dress shirt- cuffs rolled up (of course) slowly walking over to the dressers with his hand in his pocket pulling out the key to unlock the custom dressers that store his rope and wax. Artwork that suggests hot guys, whiskey, and cigars hang out here! Have you ever put this much thought into a room? Well I do, all the time!!!

Every detail I select has to connect to the why. If it doesn’t fit it doesn’t stay! They will enter this sacred space feeling a sense of calm wash over them as they walk in…the anticipation of a scene and then the endorphins kick in.

***I would never share client names or details, this is an example of my process***

Romance Is For Every Room and Everyone

You may have an idea of how you envision your home, furnishings, art, fabrics, or colours. Or you may have no fucking clue and are crouched over crying into your hands in desperate need of a (decorating) fairy godmother!

If only there was a decorator out there that specializes in erotic spaces that also happens to be awesome 🖤 Working with me allows you to express yourself and your relationship in new and exciting ways you’ve always wanted to or didn’t know you could!

I create a visual representation of your love story and how you express and celebrate your pleasure. Contact me to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your project! My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles.

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator

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