• Jenny Grimminck

Planning Ahead for Your Design Project

So you've been thinking about this project for YEARS, and you've decided this IS THE YEAR! You are finally going for it!

Overwhelm, anxiety, and doubt rear their ugly heads just like every other time. Don't let this stop you!!! Having a plan and getting yourself ready for the reality of a renovation will help to calm your nerves and fight back the design demons that keep you up at night!

Getting Ready

It's not only your house that has to be ready, but YOU also have to be ready. Your perfectly scheduled and ordered life is about to the thrown into chaos.

Am I talking you out of it?

This is a great time to declutter and really decide what is important enough to keep. Why would you plan an entire design around something you don't love? The answer is- you don't. It's time to say goodbye to that hutch you never liked filled with the doll figurines that scare you every time you walk into the room. I give you permission to let it go and for someone else to love it. If it doesn't bring peace and calm into the room or joy to you- LET IT GO!!!

To get yourself ready think about how this reno will alter your day-to-day life. Where will you cook, eat, relax, sleep, shower, and hang out? Are you renovating a room or the whole house? Are you able to move into other rooms or will you have to move out? If you work from home will you still be able to do this without distractions? Setting yourself up for success by knowing who you are and what you can handle will make the project go smoother.

Over the many years you have been dreaming about your gorgeous new spa-inspired bathroom fit for a goddess, you have somehow managed to collect 10 million photos and ideas. Well now what- how are you supposed to narrow that down? Is there a common theme of colour or pattern? Do you still like that cat print tile you pinned 4 years ago when you were single?

Option A: Go it alone on your adventure to transform your life

Option B: Hire an amazingly talented design genius to decipher your scattered thoughts- like me for example ;)

If you choose Option A, as a couple decide if you should go shopping together or if is best for your relationship that one of you stays home- you know what I'm talking about. Look for pieces that match your final style and budget. Take your time!! Rush decisions never turn out well, like last time when you impulse bought that pinball machine- so cool, if you are hanging out at The Hub like it's That 70's Show but not so much if your partner isn't a pinball wizard.

Realistic Timeline

To support your emotional well-being try to be flexible, which I know isn't easy! For those of us who plan our days/weeks/months it's hard to allow for deviations.

Good design takes time!

All you can do is take action on the things you can control such as selections, shopping, hiring contractors, and surrender to what is out of your control. Timelines being one of those things! This isn't to say that a project slated for 3 months should take 3 years. But if that 3 months turns into 4 months it's okay. Things happen, issues arise and it is how you handle the situation that affects you. Furniture and custom order can be 6-12 weeks or longer. The scope of work for renovation construction will dictate timing, which the contractor will specify before work begins. I always suggest adding a time buffer to your project from the beginning to allow for contingencies just like you do with a budget!!

Get Inspired

The project you have been dreaming of for so long is happening. It isn't just about a pretty room...it is so much more. It is a space for you to regroup and recharge, for you to express your individuality. Whether you work from home or leave for the day, your home is a sanctuary designed for healing. Don't be afraid to move forward with your project!

Lots of LOVE!


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