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Passion Led Us Here

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


Hello, thank you so much for stopping by!

Working in a small town, we really get to know our community.

We feel it is important to officially share a little bit about us. You will learn about what has brought us to White Wave Design and why we are driven by passion and excitement in assisting you with creating personalized spaces you will love.



JENNY: I grew up in the country loving the wide- open view of fields and trees, the smell of rain just before it fell, and the full moon so bright filtering through my window. My love remains strong for spending time in nature- hiking and camping with my husband and sitting under trees to read. My favourites are murder mystery writers James Patterson and Kathy Reichs (who inspired the TV show ‘Bones’). If I’m not busy with work, reading, or at the movies (using up my Scene points) I am watching Bones snuggling with our 2 fur babies, sniffing the breeze coming through the kitchen window. I live a quiet life, which I cherish.

Where I relax at Home

MISTY: I grew up in a small town, a beach girl who was active in the community and always pushing to excel in my latest interest. I have always had a genuine attentiveness for people. I find purpose in understanding and helping others. Spending quality time with family and friends is highly valued. I love to learn. I love to create- the design process ignites my passion in creativity. I like to discover and embrace connection to authenticity and uniqueness. I enjoy experimenting with crafting, upcycling and bringing back life to refinished found items. Capturing moments in time through photography and writing comes naturally. I really enjoy exploring and acquiring cool finds, hiking, camping and working/ relaxing outdoors. I love to listen to music, read, to write and daydream under tree canopies and to sit in silence and reflection at the beach. I love being amidst Nature.

My latest escape location



JENNY: I have had an interest in some form of design for as long as I can remember; my first love was fashion design. Sitting on my bed drawing flowing dresses and bell bottom pants (they were back in style in the 90’s). Then it morphed into moving my bedroom furniture into a new configuration every month (it was a small room so I had to get creative). When it came time to decide what profession I would pursue after high school, Interior Decorating is what I chose and haven’t looked back.

My interest and passion for making your surroundings a place you love coming home to, has only strengthened. For me “home” is a place to retreat to after a long day, for peace and quiet as I spend time with my husband- we call it our little piece of paradise. There is such a feeling of comfort when I walk in the door- dark moody colours with rich textures that makes me feel cozy- like I am wrapped up in a blanket. My intention is for everyone to have what means the most to them, in the place they call HOME. I understand and value the importance that home means something different to everyone. What does home mean to you?

MISTY: As early as I can remember, I have been a Creative. I spent much time experimenting with my vast imagination in crafting throughout my early years. Our family included traditions such as making cards and gifts for one another. My love for reading introduced me to writing, which began with poetry. I started early in re- arranging furniture and methodically placing my prized positions. I further developed my keen eye for attention to detail. Everything I completed that was design related was methodical and completed with passion and precision. This remains ingrained in my being. I embrace the challenge of making an item/ concept unique and in customizing a space to suit functional requirements while incorporating personalized aesthetics. I am inspired by the vast beauty of Nature and enjoy bringing the outdoors into interior design. Making time for creativity helps me to practice being mindful and really allows me to shine.



JENNY: I have grown a lot in this short time as an entrepreneur. In choosing to purchase a business I ‘knew’ it came with long days, stress, worry, sleepless nights, excitement, happiness and a sense of pride- all of which I was prepared for. What I didn’t prepare for is how that would affect me. A year of going through the motions- not dealing with stress, led to moderate depression. The scariest part for me was that I didn’t know it was happening. I have found the help I needed and practice self-care daily, now realizing how important it is to take care of yourself. I have been practicing saying ‘Yes’ to new things and to what brings me joy and practicing positive mindset.

A few areas we love to relax to read and visit for hikes

MISTY: I am a multi- passionate Creative.

I enjoy life on our farm with my husband, fur and feather babies, experimenting with and embracing country living and garden design. My husband and I enjoy working hard on our small farm property just outside Ilderton, taking care of our Home- Harvest Moon Farm.

We create balance by appreciating when we wake up with the sunrise, relaxing in hammocks in our mature treed lot, taking in beautiful sunsets and hanging out by moonlit campfires. We design our lives to reflect our connection with Nature and our passion for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries and fruit trees. With the goal of being a market farm to share plants, produce, flowers, products and services that help the community reconnect with Nature and embrace health and wellness.

My love for communicating with, understanding and sharing with people keeps me connected. I love the unique qualities that different people possess and have developed a deep appreciation for inspiring and supporting others to embrace what creates happiness and purpose in their life. I am part of a community of like- minded women- GirlTribe, which allows me to grow and better serve through multifaceted design.

A couple places we like to work...

A few areas we love to work and play on Harvest Moon Farm



JENNY: Purchasing a store was not something I had dreamed of even for my life. Sometimes life has bigger dreams for you then you have for yourself. My favourite quote is from Oprah- "I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn't been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn't have been lucky." My schooling, years of experience and hard work has lead me to Mitchell. When the opportunity came to purchase the store I took it as a sign that this is what I had been preparing for!

Many people ask me how I came up with the business name: White Wave Design. I wanted the name to be personalized and to hold meaning to me. A lot of time was spent with word play and mixing the letters of my name to come up with something that could relay the ideas I had for the business. The idea came, to search the meaning of the name ‘Jenny’. Fair, yielding and white wave popped onto the screen. As soon as I said ‘White Wave’, it was clear that White Wave Design would be the name of my business.

We have introduced our Design packages, which have been in the works for quite a while. It is exciting to take an idea and finally be able to offer our clients something new.

Taking the chance on a dream is a scary and wonderful thing!

MISTY: Life paths carried me through many customer service and sales positions where I came to find that the creative opportunities really spoke to me. I began to acknowledge that I craved to learn the theory and experience the design process. I spent 3 years embracing challenge and change, experimenting with design principles and elements offered through a hands on Interior Design course. This led me further into my passion for design.

After school, I joined a not- for- profit organization and worked with a wonderful team supporting barrier free solutions for people with disabilities. Then my friend, Jenny, approached me. She explained the adventure she was embarking on and asked if I would like to be a part of growing White Wave Design. So it began…

Discovering and embracing personal interests and incorporating those into a design solution is so important. A properly designed space will merge effective function and desired aesthetics to create a feeling that truly resonates with whom occupies that space.

I am so grateful to be a part of White Wave Design.



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