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Bringin' Sexy Back (To Your Bedroom)

I wrote a blog post about The Most Important Room in Your House being the primary bedroom. This post sparked conversations with girlfriends (I used the word orgasm) as to why we get freaky between the sheets while away on holidays in a hotel room, but at home there is no spark. Needless to say, those conversations inspired this post!

Even though this post comes out the week of universal love DOESN'T mean this advice only applies to Valentines Day!

Picture this: A couple spent a weekend away last year for their anniversary at a beautiful hotel enjoying every romantic moment only leaving the bedroom to indulge in room service. When arriving home it was very clear that their bedroom needed an overhaul as it lacked any relation to the sensuality at their hotel. They want to enjoy the same erotic and seductive atmosphere everyday but without the travel and hotel costs!

Sensual Design

The art and mastery of appealing to the senses for your homes interior. A very large portion of my design process is focused on the details and feeling of your surroundings. Sight, touch, scent and sound are considered with each selection made for your space.

Look Sexy

Well first things first- get rid of the clutter!!!

Your bedroom is for sleep and sex! If the items in the room don't help you do either of those things then they don't belong in your bedroom- period, end of story! Looking at last weeks laundry that still needs to be folded and put away, scattered paperwork on your makeshift office desk, and exercise equipment that is collecting dust doesn't shout "sexy boudoir" it screams "college dorm room".

Yes sex in the dark can be very HOT like wearing a blindfold it heightens your other senses but if your partner is visual then they want to see you! Layer lighting such as lamps, chandeliers on dimmers, and candlelight (my favourite) to cast a soft sensual glow on your body. Natural daylight can be diffused with sheer curtains creating a softening effect for your afternoon delight. Or install room darkening velvet curtains so you can sleep in after an all night marathon of love making. Evocative artwork such as couples boudoir photography (of you) or a large wall mirror if you are brave enough are very erotic and up the passion.

Your colour palette is very personal and creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere is the goal. If you are looking for a sweet and romantic design soft off-whites, warm grays, and shimmering golds pair well together. If you are looking for a dark and dangerous design rich and warm jewel tones of ruby red, amethyst purple, emerald green, sapphire blue or black onyx are a perfect choice.

Feel Sexy

Every surface you touch such as flooring, furniture, door hardware and bedding are to be considered. A high pile area rug or wall to wall carpet feel good on your feet or knees and help to warm a cold floor (if were aren't able to add in-floor heat). For furniture a padded round edge fabric headboard or a canopy four posted bed with or without restraints should be on your sexy bedroom list!

The most important object in the most important room is the bed. As you will be spending most of your time here comfort is of upmost importance. Investing in a high quality mattress, luxurious sheets that feel sensuous on your skin, a comfy cozy duvet, and plush pillows that are decorative and functional. But not too many pillows because when the mood strikes you don't want to spend time removing pillows! Another must have is soft bathrobes to wrap yourselves in after a scene that come out toasty from a towel warming drawer.

Smell Sexy

Thinking of how your hotel room is cared for and cleaned during your stay- attention to detail people! Keep your room clean. All dirty laundry in the closet hamper and emptied often, clean sheets on your bed every week if not sooner depending on the time and energy you spend in bed. So having multiple sheet sets in your linen closet is helpful.

Fresh flowers or candles made with beeswax or scents like sandalwood, vanilla, or lavender give a soft smell that isn't too overpowering and they're pretty to look at too. Open your windows (as long as the neighbours won't hear you, if you care about that sort of thing)- fresh air cleans the stuffy room and feels good on your heated skin.

Sound Sexy

I can tell you what sounds you won't be hearing! Cell phone notifications, email pings, or anything else for that matter that distracts you from cherishing each other.

Music is very personal to every couple, it can be soft and sweet to remind you of when you started dating or hard and rough to provoke primal emotions. If you are renovating now would be the perfect time to install surround sound speakers recessed into the walls and ceiling.

Sounds of the ocean or the gentle trickle of a water feature for relaxation and serenity help to reduce stress and get you out of your head so you can focus on the moment.

Get Inspired

Being relaxed and creating a sanctuary are very important for sleeping and sex. Being distracted and mentally going over your to-do list are mood killers! Your bedroom is where you can forget the day and focus on each other.

If a sexy bedroom is on your wish list, and you don't want to keep waiting...let me help you create the seductive dream boudoir you desire!!! Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if White Wave Design is the right fit for your project. My work ranges from vanilla relationships to kink and BDSM lifestyles.

Embrace the wonderful weirdness that is you 💀

Lots of Love,


Principal Creative Genius & Badass Decorator

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