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An Interview With Rebecca from WillMark Cabinet Design & Carpentry Ltd.

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

If you're planning a kitchen renovation, this week's blog is for you. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Rebecca from WillMark Cabinet Design & Carpentry Ltd. at 400 Huron Street in Stratford. Read below for this month's feature interview all about kitchens.

What would you like clients to know about working with a designer of cabinetry?

Rebecca: Time frame- it takes time to produce custom cabinetry. We usually run 6-8 weeks production time depending on material selections. Professional installation is booking out 3 months, and the time to design. We recommend booking an appointment for myself or Theresa to come out for an initial measure, discuss your vision and develop a layout. We let you know when the layout is ready for you to visit us here in the showroom to select cabinetry, countertop, and hardware options. From there we put your quote together which usually takes about 10 business days to get back to you.

Jenny: So about 3-4 months for the whole process

Rebecca: If you are planning to do a kitchen renovation leave at lot of time

What do you consider to be your specialty?

Rebecca: I like seeing the whole look come together, flooring, cabinets and countertops and then the accessories that make it the whole package. A completely usable kitchen, not just boxes on a wall. We like to deal with our clients and get it how they want and not just what's trend but more what works for the client.

Mudroom custom cabinetry accessorized by Jillian's

Where do you find inspiration?

Rebecca: I think you can pull inspiration from anywhere- it could be nature, what makes you calm? Is it the beach with those cool calm colours?

Jenny: Do you like the beach?

Rebecca: I hate the beach actually, I despise the beach.

Jenny: Where is the place you like to be?

Rebecca: I like to be outside with a glass of wine or a cool beverage

Jenny: Red or White?

Rebecca: Depends what I am eating with it. Everyone asks me that! If I'm eating a steak I have red wine if I'm having sangria I have white. You can get inspiration from anywhere! I used to say my travels, I used to travel a lot, but I don’t really travel anymore.

Jenny: Where have you traveled?

Rebecca: Well, I wouldn't say I have a favourite place, but I have been all over Canada. And I enjoyed different aspects of each place. So Northwest Territories in the middle of nowhere it is super beautiful because it is calm and serene with the northern lights. You go a little bit more west and it is more chill but at a fast pace. Then you go more east and it is super chill.

What projects have you designed that was your favourite?

Rebecca: I like working on model homes because sometimes you have a little bit more design freedom. You’re still on a budget but you can do something different than your standard white kitchen in a model home, you can have a little more fun with the design.

What do you suggest clients prioritize when planning a budget?

Rebecca: I would just if you are going for a high end kitchen look, but you don’t want to break your budget I recommend spending the money on the cabinets to begin with and replace your countertops when needed. Why cut on your cabinets and how they work for you just so you can have the high end quartz, granite or marble countertops. Why not spend on the cabinets and replace the counter in 10 years. Get all the accessories you want and the drawers you want because your countertop is easier to replace.

Jenny: If anything were to be replaced, you would replace your counter long before you replace your cabinets.

Rebecca: Exactly!

Jenny: That is great advice, thank you!

What are your favourite finishes for 2019?

Rebecca: I really like...if I were to choose a wood I would pick a walnut because it is rich and you get lighter and darker mix. Oak is coming back so we have the oak in a white stain and pairing it with a classic countertop. Navy is really big and you'll see a lot of the green tones coming in. I really like mixing emerald green with a walnut and gold or champagne hardware.

Jenny: I want that!

Rebecca: Popular countertop is Calacatta Gold from Silestone it has warm and cool tones with gold, gray and white.

What are the best inserts for the kitchen?

Rebecca: I really like the spice pull out, cutlery/utensil inserts, knife blocks (Laughter). I really like accessories, I am the accessories queen. Peg systems for pots and pans or plates. Pull out garbage and compost- has a filter in the compost lid. You can't go wrong with accessories!

What is the difference between Metabox, Tandem, and Dovetail?

Rebecca: Metabox is the standard drawer box with metal sides and melamine bottom side mount drawer side. With softclose (their standard) which helps with the longevity of the drawers. Except when you are mad at somebody (Laughter). Tandem is metal sides with melamine bottom, it is a nicer drawer mechanisms that is bottom mount and closes really smoothly.

Jenny: And it is quieter than the Metabox drawer?

Rebecca: Yes it is a lot quieter, and it is your mid level drawer box, not the most expensive but not the least expensive. And then you have your birch Dovetail joints with the same mechanism as Tandem.

What question haven’t I asked that you would like clients to know?

Rebecca: I think dealing local is important, knowing where things are made. Our cabinet boxes are made here in Stratford, most of our doors come from a company in KW and same with our dovetail drawers. And then our other items are from a Quebec company. Myself and the other staff that work here are local to the area. People like dealing with local.

What is the feeling of home for you? What does home mean to you?

Rebecca: Having my family, friends,and my dog around me. And just comfort I guess.

Jenny: Especially when you have a four year old- in the backyard with your wine!


It's clear that Rebecca loves what she does- helping you design the kitchen of your dreams! I would like to thank her again for sitting down with me in their showroom. If you are planning a kitchen renovation for the fall/winter now is the time to start working with the WillMark team!

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