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An Interview With Marian from Home & Company Real Estate

If you're looking to sell or purchase a home, this week's blog is for you. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Marian deWever owner of Home & Company Real Estate Corp. Brokerage. Currently at their pop up location- 116 Downie Street in Stratford. Read below for this month's feature interview about your local real estate experts and Marian.

What would you like clients to know about working with a boutique-style brokerage?

Marian: Home&Co is a locally owned independent boutique style real estate brokerage.

Being independent allows us complete flexibility. We believe real estate is a local business and we are local experts.

Boutique refers to the quality and consistency of the services we offer and unparalleled customer service we deliver.

That customer service starts with how we price and prepare our properties for market, to the progressive marketing tools that we use, to the guarantee of service that we provide in writing. We strive for a seamless, hassle free real estate transaction.

Real estate is tricky, and we help our clients navigate through the minefield of what is most likely their most vitally important financial, legal as well as emotional transaction-the sale of their home.

Our niche is that seller or buyer who values professional representation with what is most likely their most vitally important asset-their home.

What do you consider to be your specialty or passion (i.e. first-time home buyers, century homes etc.)?

Marian: I would say that my personal specialty would be listing properties that need some preparation before they hit the market. I love helping sellers sparkle up their properties so they can realize top dollar in their sale.

What helped you DECIDE to take the leap of faith to build H & C?

Marian: A lot of wine! I took almost a year to make a final decision. I started by just doing some research and decided I would keep moving forward until a significant roadblock stopped me or pushed me in another direction…. none did, and here we are. What got that decision process going was coming to a crossroads in my career where I felt an uncomfortable sense of complacency and professional stagnation in my then situation, and knew that if change were to happen, it had to be soon and significant. I am a great believer in the Tony Robbins quote “change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change”. I needed to change something in order to move forward and so after weighing my options, and finding none better, I decided I had to make my own change. Then the rest happened, one foot in front of the other.

In such a stressful and emotional time for buyers and sellers alike what is your advice in making wise and informed decisions?

Marian: This may sound counter intuitive, but I often tell clients not to over think things. That does not mean making an uninformed decision. It is our job as realtors to guide our clients and provide them with all the info that they need to make the best-informed decision. Buying a home is however an emotional decision first and foremost and once you have all the right information, you do kind of have to trust your gut.

What do you suggest clients prioritize when planning a budget to get their home ready for resale?

Marian: Most often its not money they need to budget, it’s time. Time to pack up and edit personal items and extra treasures and furniture. Time to do all the necessary touch up painting, minor repairs and maintenance and a good old-fashioned top to bottom spring clean.

H & C is everywhere in the local community, supporting local events and charities. What advice do you have for small businesses looking to join in?

Marian: As a real estate company, we benefit directly from a successful and robust community. So, we have a responsibility to give back; its just the right thing to do. As Realtors, we sometimes have the perception of being fast talking, slick salespeople. Being seen at community events can take that perception away. Being involved in the community must be authentic however, so the benefit comes as a by-product of the contribution. It must happen in that order. So, to anyone looking to be more involved in the community I suggest you find those events/ causes/ organizations that you can authentically support and contribute to and be consistent in your involvement.

What are the best upgrades when making selections for building a new home?  

Marian: Great question!

8 Construction Upgrades that are worth it and 5 that are not. (moving.com)

Worth it.

  • Kitchen

  • Deeper Basement

  • Rough in Basement for future bath

  • More lighting

  • Energy Savers

  • Bigger Garage

  • Innovative Storage Options

  • Solid surface flooring

Not worth it.

  • Solid wood floors

  • Expensive light fixtures

  • Really large master bedroom

  • Marble counter tops

  • Crown moulding, expensive trim

Is there something exciting coming up, let’s talk about it…

Marian: Well we are looking forward to our return to the Bradshaw building at 245 Downie St., that should happen this fall and we can’t wait to get home. The building is going to be fantastic when it is finished, we will certainly celebrate that.

You have a team of powerful and amazing women (and Rob), how did you bring this successful group together?

Marian: Well thank you. When I created H & C, one of the most important things I did was create a very clear definition of who we were and what our "why" was. Then, I invited a couple of strong, like minded experienced realtors to join me. I am ever grateful that they had the faith and courage to take the leap to join me. Then we moved forward with that very clear definition and like mindedness and put our plan into action and then organically, more, strong like-minded realtors were attracted to and joined us. We often revisit our definition and our "why" and remind ourselves that becoming complacent in our success is a big risk.

What question haven’t I asked that you would like clients to know?

Maybe not a question, but just a few words to sum us up as it relates to your series:

We totally get the value, the significance and emotion behind the word HOME.

HOME is a big word, only 4 letters, but a really big word.


Each and every time I have met with Marian or her team it is always such a pleasure. A wonderful group of kind and generous women that make you feel so welcome. It's clear that Marian loves what she does- helping you to sell your home for top dollar! I would like to thank her again for the honour of having her as this month's feature interview. If you are looking to sell or purchase a home, now is the time to start working with the Home & Company team!


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