You desire warmth and sensuality, a space designed

with connection and ultimate comfort in mind.


Home is our most intimate space. At home, there is no such thing as "inappropriate". It's as relaxed, as sensual, as inviting as we want it to be. Some people escape to hotels for romance, but that time is too fleeting and the space to foreign. 

Home is where we should feel the most comfortable because our surroundings should indulge us. In the naked home, utilitarian furnishings will never do.

Lighting should flatter, textures should engage, seating should embrace, and decor should excite.


If you're a couple juggling it all, while trying to create a beautiful home that is romantic yet still welcoming to entertain friends and family, you're in the right place.

Your time is valuable and building the life you dream of is a full-time j.o.b. (and then some)!

I also know that you're tired of scanning Pinterest for ideas on how you want your home to look in between meetings and putting out fires for the 13th time today.

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Your blazer-wearing, colour-toting, slightly-funky creative genius of all things sensual design.

I'm here to help you calm the chaos by using my mad design skills in working with couples like you to create an intimate and elegant home!


My unique style and approach to decorating for the couple in love.  


Sensual Design: Keeping in mind all five of our senses and igniting or appealing to them. Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell, and Taste. From the feel of the fabric on your skin- to the 

Psychology of Colour: The study of how colour affects our moods and emotions  

Holistic Approach: Connecting body, mind, and (spirit) (soul) (space). 

Creating a home together is truly an act of deep intimacy.

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