The creative genius behind White Wave Design,

a boutique interior decorating company specializing in sensual design for professional couples.


elcome to WWD! You're assistant may have found me online, your architect or builder may have handed you my card, or a friend may have excitedly exclaimed "you need to look into this totally awesome badass design chick"! However the universe conspired to connect us I'm so happy that you're here.

I have heard your cries for help:

- "I really want our home to be special to us!!!"

- "What if we hire someone that doesn't get us?"

- "If I can't articulate exactly what I want, how is the decorator going to figure it out?" 


Luckily for you, I'm pretty sure that I was a detective in a past life. I know you don't want cookie-cutter and you don't want what everyone else has. Why? Because you aren't like everyone else AND you definitely aren't cookie-cutter. 

Could you take the DIY approach, of course you could. You are AMAZING and can achieve anything you put your mind to!!!


Do you want to? Will you get the results you're looking for? Do you know where to start making selections? Can you commit the time and energy that it will take? Let's be honest, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO! 

You have done research on Interior Decorating For Couples (the Type A personality that you are). Gold star! But felt defeated when the majority of the results came up as romantic bedroom ideas. While I do think the Primary Suite is the most important space, romance isn't just for the bedroom! 

Picture this...


A living room that goes from snuggling on a luxurious velvet sofa dressed to the nines like Carrie and Big watching old black and white movies to entertaining guests celebrating your love bugs surprise 40th birthday party (that you meticulously planned). 

The romantic atmosphere of a candle-lit dining room, relaxing into the high-back arm chairs, while he feeds you the decadent dessert he so lovingly prepared, your vintage Waterford glasses filled with your favourite wine as soft soulful music is playing in the background.

A home office so hot it should come with warning label:

This room may cause a sudden desire to sweep the surface of your work area clean.

Walls of intricate navy millwork, jewel-toned art framed in gold, dark hardwood floors, and the smell of books that line the walls. It may be a struggle to get any work done!

An adult play space that tickles your fancy and fulfills your sexual desires. The room is designed to your specifications for use and display of bondage gear, dungeon equipment and erotic furniture. A separate area for aftercare may also be on your must-have list.  

Home is our most intimate space, where we get to be ourselves with the one we love.

Couple Walking Down Stairs
Interior decorator from White Wave Design- Jenny hannging out at WillMark Cabinet Design

orking with me is NOT for the faint of heart! I will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone, (which I secretly enjoy)!

I will get to know you very well and become acquainted with very personal elements of your life, such as: do you love to shower or soak in the tub together, sleep in the same bedroom or separately, will you entertain guests or are you antisocial hermits?



Are you thinking to yourself:
"Is she reading my deepest darkest desires?"

The answer to this questions is...YES I AM! 

With full schedules you know you need the help of a professional. But you're afraid they won't "get you" individually or as a couple. To give control over to someone else and feel vulnerable is a SCARY thing! Just like your monthly Brazilian Wax, "Ouch"!! But the results are totally worth it. 

Late nights at the office (whether it's downtown or down the hall), putting out fires for the 13th time today, stress and anxiety over the business proposal you and your team have been working on for months, and generally feeling disconnected from your partner. Coming home to a space that is uninviting and cold leaves a lot to be desired. 

So, if you're waking up at 2am worrying about all the decisions that will need to be made, it's time to outsource and call in the expert (aka Me)! I look forward to taking this journey with you!


Lots of Love,